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Remember dial-up internet? That's when Watni started!

Way back in 1994, when internet was as slow as a sleepy turtle and websites looked like someone threw paint at a computer screen, a small team of dreamers called Watni stepped into the digital world. We were like babies learning to walk, but with bigger dreams than Mount Everest!

We saw giants like Facebook rise from dorm rooms, Yahoo show off with its fancy purple colors, and Microsoft flexing its muscles. We cheered, we laughed, we even learned from their stumbles (remember Netscape?), all while building our own little internet castle, one pixel at a time.

Sure, we had hiccups. Websites that crashed harder than a plate of noodles, emails that bounced back faster than a ping pong ball. But every mistake was a stepping stone, every flop a lesson learned. We dusted ourselves off, put on our thinking caps (the cool ones, not the itchy wool ones), and kept coding, tweaking, and growing.

Today, Watni's not a baby turtle anymore. We're like a wise, friendly elephant, guiding businesses through the bustling online jungle. We're your map to social media goldmines, your compass to SEO mountaintops, and your secret weapon in the fight for clicks and happy customers.

Think of us as the Yoda of e-commerce, dispensing wisdom like "Always listen to your customers, for they speak the language of gold" and "Never underestimate the power of a good product photo, for it can bring wallets flying across screens." We help you turn website visits into happy customers, Facebook likes into loyal fans, and empty carts into overflowing checkouts.

So, whether you're a small shop selling delicious dumplings or a big company wanting to conquer the internet world, Watni's your one-stop shop for online success. We'll hold your hand (or at least give you a high five emoji), share our secret sauce (minus the embarrassing 90s dance moves), and help you write your own digital fairytale.

Ready to ditch the slow internet and embrace lightning-fast e-commerce success? Buckle up, grab your smartphone, and let's paint the internet with vibrant colors (the cool ones, not the neon 90s kind).

high angle photo of person holding turned on smartphone with tall buildings background
high angle photo of person holding turned on smartphone with tall buildings background

Our mission

At Watni Digital Agency, our mission is to revolutionize businesses globally through smart technology and automation, creating jobs, reducing poverty, and fostering economic freedom. We're committed to empowering growth by leveraging our expertise in ecommerce and digital marketing. Our goal is to drive efficient solutions that not only enhance business success but also contribute to a world where technology creates opportunities, minimizes poverty, and fuels sustainable economic growth.

Our vision

At Watni Digital Agency, our vision is to bring financial freedom to businesses globally through the power of automation and technology. Picture a future where businesses worldwide achieve remarkable success effortlessly, powered by smart technology and streamlined processes. We envision a world where our expertise in ecommerce, digital marketing, and cutting-edge technology leads to financial empowerment for businesses in diverse global markets. We're committed to simplifying complex digital strategies, harnessing the strength of automation, and leveraging technology to pave the way for businesses worldwide to thrive without barriers. Our goal is to be the trusted partner on the journey to financial independence, enabling our clients to embrace the digital revolution and secure a prosperous future in the global marketplace

people jumping on shore front of golden hour
people jumping on shore front of golden hour

Our team

At Watni Digital Agency! We're a team of experts in online business, advertising, and creating cool designs. Our goal? To help your brand shine online and get more customers!

Imagine this: your brand becoming super popular online and selling lots more. That's what we're great at! From making your online store awesome to creating ads that people love, we're here to make your brand a big hit on the internet.

We really care about your success. We use smart ideas and make things look amazing to help your brand grow online. Let's work together and make your brand a star online. Sound good? Let's get started!

Muhammad Arshad Awan

Founder / CEO / Digital Strategist

Shaour Anjum

E-commerce / Amazon

Ahsan Ali

E-commerce / Shopify

Shahid Mughal

Product photography /Graphics designer